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Jurnal Sains dan Aplikasi Keilmuan Teknik Industri (SAKTI) serves as the official publication of the Industrial Engineering Universitas Ma Chung, holding an ISSN of 2829-8519 for print and 2829-8748 for electronic versions. Its logo is representative of water, a gear-shaped sun, and nature, symbolizing adaptability, hope, and the natural world's essence, respectively. Water signifies adaptability and life's source, the sun embodies hope, while nature represents the natural world and its living beings.

Over the past two years, Jurnal SAKTI has marked a significant milestone, successfully releasing three volumes, each comprising two issues. Looking ahead to Volume 4, slated for release in June 2024, the journal will transition to accepting manuscripts and articles exclusively in English. This shift aligns with our commitment to broaden the journal's accessibility and global reach.

The journal aims to promote ethical research in industrial engineering and engineering management, emphasizing adaptability and evolution to benefit all living entities, particularly in Indonesia. Readers are encouraged to contribute their ideas, observations, and experiments related to industrial engineering and sustainable practices. Whether developing new systems or analyzing existing ones, SAKTI aspires to be a guide in achieving efficiency, productivity, and environmental responsibility.

SAKTI, published twice a year in June and December, is accessible freely and welcomes submissions encompassing theoretical developments and practical applications within industrial engineering and engineering management. Submissions related to various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, and education are encouraged. Additionally, the journal invites literature reviews focused on specific areas of inquiry or theories.

We eagerly await your article submissions and are available to provide further information. Feel free to contact us at: sakti@machung.ac.id


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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2024): June 2024
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